Will Cmad ever be ready for marriage ?

Honestly folks, I don't know. Can't really see myself settling down just yet. Too many nice women out there :) ! But seriously, Marriage to me is something very serious and should only be done once. One of my biggest fears is marrying someone who I may think at the time is the right one and then only finding out years later that she is not. I don't wanna make that mistake. I belive in the whole drama of one day seeing this one perosn and just knowing that she is the one. Guess I watch too much TV eh ?

I hope to settle down one day though. I hope to find that one person who truly understands me and who I can truly understand. My sole mate. The one who was meant for me. I hope to settle down and make (no more than 2) little Cmad's to run around the place and take over Daddy's website :) But, until that day comes, well , I'll still be searching for Mrs. Right !


The Search for Mrs. Right

Firstly, I know what you're gonna say, you should never try and find Mrs. Right, eventually she'll come to you. Yeah ,I know......heard it all before, but I honestly believe that for her to find you , you have to be out there ! But out where is the question ? Funny, isn't it ? :)

For the past year I have been analyzing myself, actually being my own shrink , trying to figure out what it is I really want in a woman. Actually, I came up with a pretty long list of the different features, things like intelligence, kindness, loyalty etc , etc, and then I realized ( I guess something that I knew all along) that I would never really find a "Mrs. Right". Not to say that I consider myself to be Mr. Right or anything, but at the least I think I'm a really nice guy :) ..........but....I digress. Mrs. Right does not exist. There is no perfect woman (nor man for that matter !), but , what there is, is a fictional character that we all create in our minds ........our ideal person. Unfortunately , we as human beings eventually compare the person that we're with or the person that we've just met to that "ideal" person that we've fantasized about and end up disappointed when that person doesn't turn out to be what we expected.


True Friends

As most of you know I recently made a trip to both Miami and New York for vacation. I went to Miami for Carnival and New York just to hang out. In Miami I stayed by my friend Slim and in New York by my other friend Taz. Although I thanked them before I left, I just wanted to use this forum to thank them again for all their hospitality and for going out of their way to ensure that my stay there was most enjoyable. They both took time off from their jobs to lime with me and show me around and I really appreciated that. 

Slim, thanks for ditching work that day (err , maybe I shouldn't be mentioning this ! heheheh) to come and lime. Thanks for organizing the car and showing me around, thanks for the fetes and the hoes ! thanks for it all !

Taz, thanks for taking me sightseeing in the Big Apple , especially since you saw it all before. Thanks for the Broadway plays and bearing with me as I took my annoying touristy photos of Time Square, Rockefeller Center and the like. Thanks for practically taking the week off to show me a wonderful time.

I also want to say thanks to everybody else for their hospitality as well including my family, Uncle Ken and his family, Uncle Tony and his family, Richard and his family, not forgetting Celeste and Brian , Slim's roommates and friends in Miami , Mick and Chip in New York and or course Janet (pronounced Jun-nea) who was really cool in putting up with my snoring and in general letting me harrass her for a week :) ..........oh yeah , and thanks to Berks for dropping  and coming to pick me up in the Airport. :)

You are all true friends and I'm glad to have you in my life.

Much Love,





A Beer is a ...............Stag ?

Since when ? I thought a beer was a Carib ! At least that was the marketing hype that prevailed back in the day,  when I was just a young punk going to school. Carib was the best beer in de land , as a matter of fact , Carib was the best beer in de world !

I remember when I now started to drink, before Carib bought over Stag, (ya know, during the "Beer Wars" days) there used to be this poster that Carib distributed that depicted a Donkey standing on it's two hind legs , drinking a Carib and pissing into a Stag bottle :) I always thought it was funny as hell ! Back in dem days the word "Stag" was not spoken in many bars in the north, as a matter of fact it wasn't mentioned in many other places either. I knew of bars that only stocked Carib Beer and you wouldn't dare call for a Stag or they'd send you packing.

Recently,  I was chosen to participate in a survey about Heineken Beer for which I was paid $75 an hour. One of the questions they asked was to name your favourite beer and explain why you like it so much. Out of 6 guys surveyed, 5 of them choose Stag as their beer of choice and for the life of me I couldn't understand why ! The other guys talked about the smoothness of a Stag and how it goes down much easier than a Carib, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I at the time I thought was allot of B.S.  Now, I'll be honest, up to that point in time I hadn't had a beer for years so I was really out of touch with the beer drinking world. I had "graduated" to drinking rum and never really looked back. So,  as far as I remembered , a beer was still a Carib. Well, imagine the embarrassment when dey asked me the question and I stood up and preceded to defend Carib, a beer I no longer drank, as being the best beer in T&T. Needless to say they all had a good laugh !

Not long after I decided to give Stag a try and I'm happy to say that I am now a true believer. I gotta agree that Stag is really drinking good, it goes down allot smoother than a Carib and it leaves no aftertaste in the mouth. Geez , ah sounding like de dam ad ! But, it leaves me to wonder, have I become a Stag man now ? Well........................ whatever , one ah get a good head, who cares ?



The National Anthem

Just a few facts about the national anthem that I wanted to share. Did you know that the national anthem, while composed by the deceased Mr. Pat Castagne , was scored and arranged by the deceased Mr. Sonny Denver. How come we never heard about him ? Also, did you know that the anthem was originally composed by Mr. Castagne for the then Federation of the West Indies?  But,  when that Federation  fell through, it was modified to be used as the national anthem of  Trinidad and Tobago.  Just think, that line that goes "side by side we stand, islands of the blue Caribbean Sea" actually referred to ALL the islands of the Caribbean ! Humm ...seems like we got a second hand anthem.


Too Much Fete !

I doh know about allya people but I having a hard time trying to keep up with all the soca fete it have going on in this country. It seems like every weekend I have at least 5 different fetes. If it aint Fire Services is Licensing Fete (both of which went already) is some fete in Pier 1 or Anchorage , who by the way seem to be trying to outdo each other each and every weekend. Gosh man ! ah findin it hard to update my Trini Beat page these days, cause as ah publish something , something else comes up again ! It's nice to see so much frenzy over Carnival 2000, but seeing that is since before Christmas we start celebrating  one hopes that the STAMINA will maintain ! Anyway, to you FBT's (Foreign Based Trini's) ALLYA REAL MISSING OUT !!!!!



Would You ?

Now, I don't usually talk politics on my website, mainly because I believe that politics is like religion, everybody believe what they want to believe. I have no intention of getting into an political argument with anybody, especially since these days politics and race seem to be so closely tied.

But a thought came to mind recently, and I thought I would share it. What if , when you go to vote, there are separate jars of ink for you to dip your finger into for each party. What if there was one colour for the UNC, another for the PNM , another for the NAR etc , and because this was so it would be easy to clearly identify which party a person voted for. Cause ya know dat ink do wear off so ! 

So, My question is , would you go and vote ? Would you be brave enough to stand up for the party that you voted for ? What if the ink took even longer to wear off, like a year or two ? Would you be willing to vote ? Would you be willing to stand behind your decision for so long ? Would you be willing to have the world know that you voted for the elected party ? Or would you try ya best to get that ink off ? 

So............ Would you ?



Trini's Coming Home !

Every year around Christmas time I get this feeling of anxiety in not only for Christmas and New Years but also to see friends who I have not seen for the year.

We normally all meet up at either Anchorage or Pier 1 on Christmas Night and it is one of the best limes for the whole year. Most of the night is spent hailing out friends and family who for one reason or the other have been away for most of the year. At this annual Christmas Night fete the old lime just seems to all fall into place , and for just that one night it seems like we are back to the old days again.

Christmas 2000 was no exception. Over he course of the season people like Taz, Snorling (Sterlin) , Suzie Q , Cozies , Lummi , Howie T, Cronie Terrace Crew (Elson), Small Chest (Nick),  Kats and more were seen in fetes on the Island. Even though it was not said at the time (cuz it need not be said) I was glad to see them once again. So just a special shout out to them all, take it easy my peeps , see you all next year !

Much Love, Cmad.



Bithday Woes !

Well, as many of you don't know on the 10th of December every year I celebrate a birthday, and celebrate I did this year ! It was nice, everybody treated me really well for that one day , and  those people know who they are.

So then you must be asking "well Cmad, why then did you have birthday woes ?". Well, that's just it ! my birthday was for one day, one lousy day ! that's all ! All my family and friends treated me nice for one day and then it was back to normal ! So my thought for that one day was "I wish that I could be treated like this all year round !".

So I was thinking, If we as people in this world would   be as nice to other people all year round as we are on their birthday then this world would be a much nicer place !

.................... and Kiss Baking go sell allot more cakes too ! (heheh !)


Morality in the 90's

Now before I make my comments here I just wanna state for the record that I am no less guilty of these things than most of you out there, so i'm not judging anyone but rather making an observation.

It seems like now more that ever we live in a world of high promiscuity and immorality. Just about everyone nowadays is living a having all kinds of sex with all kinds of people and not giving it a second thought. Society on a whole seems to encourage this kind of behavior and it is therefore not surprising to hear of the increase in the spread of aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. Television, Movies and Radio all seem to promote this lifestyle by depicting it as being  "average" or "normal" for today's youth. But is this really what we want our young people to think ? Doesn't this sexual liberation produce more harm than good ?

I was listening to a call in program on Power 102 some months ago, where the discussion was about sex and sexual acts. The host, a woman, actually went into great detail about the woman's sexual organs describing which were the best places for a man to "aim for" in order for the woman to achieve an orgasm. Many people, especially women, called in to express their views and share their experiences of both good and bad sex that they have had and in general people were encouraged to be quite graphic in their descriptions. Now, I am all for discussing sex openly but considering that the radio is such an open medium,  is it the correct place for this kind of discussion ? When a 11 or 12 year old can turn on the radio and hear this kinda of discussion going on what is he or she to think about sex ? When the host of the program is proclaiming her support for sex before marriage as she says "well ya have to try it out first", what is a young person supposed to think ? Doesn't that help to promote sexual promiscuity at an early age ?

The argument against this is that it's the parent's responsibility to censor what their children look at and listen too. But society on a whole is not making this any easier on the parent. Teen shows like "Dawson Creek" deal with sex in every episode,  and whereas they "keep it real" buy depicting what is actually on the minds of young people (sex !) doesn't this also say "Go ahead and have sex, cuse everyone else your age is doing it !".

Personally ,as a young person growing up I was constantly at wits end trying to figure out what to do about sex. On one hand there was my religious background that always said that having sex before marriage was a sin and on the other had there was society through TV, Movies , Music and even friends saying that it was ok. Nowadays it's almost impossible to find someone who is a virgin.

Today, I think that young people have it even harder. There are way too many signs pointing them in the wrong direction. Actually allot of adults have even given up on them and have chosen to merely say "If you're gonna do it, use a condom". But is this the correct attitude to have ? How will this sexual liberation that we are so strongly advocating now affect our children in the future ?

Looking back at a decade so much change, in a world of over 35 million HIV infected people, and overabundance of teen pregnancies and abortions has this sexual liberation done us more harm than good ?




ATM Etiquette ?

With Christmas around the corner the malls are betting busier and busier each day. Yesterday I went into the mall to get a few things (yes folks the malls are open on Sundays now) and of course before I can get anything I have to go ATM.

So, there I was standing in line and the thought occurred to me how far should I stand away from the person infront of me who is using the ATM ? Now as everybody knows the ATM is a private thing, people need their space, after all it's a secret number that you're putting in there ! But some people get carried away with this secret number thing, ah mean ah see one woman trying to cover up de whole dam ATM machine wit she bag and all kinda ting , just so we ain't go see ! Then again if ya stand too far away others might think that you ain't using de ATM and get in front of you ! It really raises an issue of ATM Etiquette.

What is the correct Etiquette for using the ATM ?

What is the proper distance to stand away from someone using the ATM ?

Should we even be looking in the direction of the machine while someone is using it ?

Should we assist them when they seem to be experiencing trouble or should we steups and mumble below our breath ?

Should there be a NO FARTING sign, especially in the enclosed ATMs ?

Should we tell someone when we have discovered that the ATM is down or let then find out for themselves ?

Should we look at other people's receipts ?

Can we take these receipts and show other people and pretend that they are ours ? (One the balance is high of course!)

Whatever the answers to these questions are, the bank certainly doesn't provide the answers !

So , until someone can supply an answer you can be sure that Cmad will be out there asking the questions , righting the wrongs , seeking out justice, and thinking of bullshit things to write about on his website while he waits in line at the ATM !!!!



10 things that make a good fete !

So I was thinking about it and wondering "What really makes a fete good ?", and ah doh just mean "good" or "ok" ah mean REAL GOOD fete. We have all gone to a fete at some point in time and had a real good time, so much so that days, weeks , or even months later we still talking about it !!!

Come on ! Think about it ! It must have happened to you too ! Some fete that remains in ya mind for years ! Now some might argue that if that if the fete was so good then ya wouldn't remember anything because ya would be too tight ! But i doh agree, a truly good fete ya would remember for a long time.

For me there were many like this, I recall the days of Chez Moi, Upper Level and the sorts. Days when de music was good, de vibe was nice and everybody ya know used to be there. Days when Slick Rick and Shabba used to run de dance floor and when dancing was everything! Party Time was a regular thing every Sunday and everyone used to dress to kill in de latest styles. If ya grew up in my era, ya would know about these things.

Anyway, I've decided to make a list of the 10 things that I think make a good fete. Let me know if you agree. They are not listed in any order of preference, just as they come to mind. So here we go :

  • Firstly a fete must have people in it, well at least I think so anyway, if it do have people in it most of de time it go buss. Cuz if you go in a fete and ya see it looking scanty and hardly anybody there den ya might be looking ta ride out early. Now ya see de people and dem who throw fetes know this and this is why dey does block up the fence (in outdoor fetes) so ya cyah see how much (or how little) people it have inside !

  • What kinda people ?. Ok , so de fete have people, plenty people, now what? Well de next ting people does look at is what kinda people. De average person doh want to be in a fete with a buncha a ruffneck who look like de just waiting to rob ya ! Ya know de kinda men who would buy one carib and nurse it whole night ! Yeah allya know what ah talking bout , right ?

  • De Ratios ! Ok, plenty people in de party, is a decent crowd, what else ? Well, ya hadda now look at de ratios. What is de ratios? Well de ratios of men to women of course ! No man wanna be in a fete with too much man (otherwise know as a postoffice!), and de ladies have said that they doh like ah party with too much women. Don't know why really ? I like that ! Anyway moving on ...................

  • How many friends in de party ? For me this is a big point. I love to go to a fete with a BIG LIME. Ya know, with plenty people ya know, and people with whom ya love to lime. People who are vibrant and wild and who love to dance and have a good time. People who ain't afraid of "getting down" and "skankin out !" and who doh give a shit about what others think. Dem is good people to lime with. Unfortunately, sometimes dey does get on a bit too wild ........I ain't gonna call any names......Berks, Tall Man, etc ..Heheheh.

  • De Music ! Now this has a direct relation to how good the DJ is as well. So ya wanna go to a fete where de DJ is known and thus ya have a chance of hearing good music. Now I is a knida man like all kinda music but it must come in sessions. Ya know start off with some nice pop/altenative session, move into a little latin if ya want, bring in de r&B and move up de tempo to some decent rap, den mix in ah decent soca session, starting off with a little "worky worky" or someting and taking up de pace to a "torro torro" or something den break it down into a back in times dub session. De Back in Times dub session does usually be de best if ya have a good DJ. Finally ya smooth it out into a slow jams session. Now ya might have three or four rounds of this for the night and ya good, depending on the length of de sessions.

  • Drinks ! After a good session, ya might wanna go to de bar, so easy access to de bar is essential. Now some of my die hard viewers like Kaiser would put this on the top of the list, but hey, like I said this not in any order ! Put it as you want ! But good bar access is essential ! Especially in a free drinks !!!!!! We all know how de bar does get crowded in a free drinks. My usual plan is to go see if I see someone I know working de bar, or if not make friends with a female bartender or something. It does usually benfit meh in de long run cuz ah does get through faster and she does handle meh good !!! (don't take that the wrong way people). And of course de bar better not buss !!!!!

  • Dress Code. De Dress Code for a GOOD fete should be casual, cuz people aint gonna wine down to de ground in dey Sunday Best !

  • Bouncers. This might be a mute point to some and especially to women, but I hate a party dat have ignorant bouncers. Too many times I had to come across ignorant bouncers who wouldn't let ya in because of how ya dress, or cuz ya shirt not in ya pants and all kinda bullshit ! And den there wuz de case of a padner of mine, who we would call "Winer Boy" for now, who had dis mad rass and used to get brace all de time in Anchorage cuz de bouncers just didn't like he head. Man dat shit does just piss me off !

  • Ah Have to Pee ! It seems like even though they clean the bathrooms before, by about 1:00 am de bathrooms does be STINK!!!! Women I know have told me this about de ladies room as well. This is one thing that the party organizers really cyah control, cuz when men tight dey does pee anywhere !!!! All over de ground, on de wall, and this is in de bathroom I talking about ! I even see a man piss in de sink once !!! Doh ask !!! I still not sure how he do that !!!

  • Party Time . Now if I pay my money, doh come and tell me to go home at 3:00 am. I like a fete dat does go tilll.................till whatever time I ready to go home. Chez Moi used to have a dusk to dawn fete dat used to be real good ! I remember being there at dawn once and hearing the DJ say in a soft mello voice "as the sun rises over the eastern end of the island, we have to remind you people that are  STILL HERE ! (in a much louder voice) TO PLEASE GO HOME !!!!"

So that's it folks , 10 things that in my mind, make a good fete. Let me know what you think and of you wanna make it 11 or 12.



14/09/99   8:21 PM

Floyd Hits the Bahamas

I don't normally report the news on this site, but this one strikes close to hone in all senses. I know some people who live in the Bahamas, Tony and his wife Gina, and my friend Darius (De Red Hoe !).

So tonight, as Floyd completes it's rath upon these poor defenseless islands, a special prayer goes out to these people and indeed all the people of the Bahamas. May God be with you all.

I ask all my viewers to say a special prayer for the people of the Bahamas.

Thanks, CMAD



14/09/99   6:12 PM

How strong is a Paper Bag ?

So ah went in de grocery this evening, and while de lady was packing meh groveries in de bag I wondered to myself "How strong is a paper bag anyway ?".

Now by this point you people must be saying "what de arse happen to CmAd Boy ?" , "He finally loose de last marble" or "De last screw come loose !" Well no, i just wonder about these things from time to time. Cuz i go tell ya de amount a tings that hold in dat bag and de bag didn't buss, man , dat really suprise me !

I there holding de bag from de top eh and it have all kinda big can and ting in it and it aint bussing man, so ah wonder if anybody ever really check that out. I guess de people who make de bags did some sorta test and ting.

Ah well, whatever ! Who really cares ?

That had to be one of the dumbest things I ever wrote about.



14/09/99   8:28 PM

Dead Dogs on De Highway !

I don't know how many of you out there travel on the north-south highway on a regular basis, but for us who do, the gutted carcasses of dead dogs serve as additional obstacles to the potholes and un-even landslips on this regularly commuted road.

As a dog owner, it hurts me to see this carnage on the roads, and in such abundance as well. On average, in a norma week,  there are three or four of these dead animals on the highway, and no one seems to care. Their bodies lay there, most times severed open, displaying all their intestines and other grossities (that is my own word), attracting flies and other parasites.

Most drivers do their best to avoid these "obstacles" but most don't see it before time. The reslut is half a dog here, half somewhere further down the highway.

The "good" news is that County Council does eventually pick them up, after a week or so. Long after the vehicles have had their way with them though.


23/08/99   8:16 PM

Suburban Fortresses

Last week I was driving through St. Clair, can't remember where I was going, I think it was to the bank , anyway, whatever. So I'm looking at the Sabga house and the other big pappie houses in the area, and one thing occurs to me , THESE WALLS KEEP GETTING HIGHER AND HIGHER !

Some big pappie is building or renovating their house in the area, and if allya see de size of de dam fence ! One big macko-me ting!

I thought to myself , it's quite funny, that these people, with all their money and prestige , and money and Benzes,  and money and legal and illegal businesses,   and money and Grand Bazaar's live like prisoners in their own homes. In their Suburban Fortresses !

Now don't get me wrong, the crime rate in Trinidad aint of de best and I guess we all do live in some form of prison ourselves, but GEEZE !!!! It seems that these people not only compete in wealth but also in the height of their walls as well.

If I have to live in such seclusion and confinement because I have money, then take back de beemer and gimme back meh 323 yes ..................Sheeeeeeeeeeesh !



Boy Drowns in Drain

This thought is about something that happened earlier on this week. For those of you who don't know there was some severe flash flooding in Trinidad this week, and it flooded in several of the usual areas.

One such area was Laventille, where the flood waters not only brought down the debris from the hills but it also brought down a little 7 year old boy who was playing in football in the rain with his friends. Reports say that he was heading for the ball which went in the drain and slipped and fell in himself.

The body is still yet to be found.

It is believed that his body was carried out to sea by the Barataria river. They showed the report on TV the other night. One shot that particularly disturbed me was one of the mother reaching home to hear the news. Before she could reach the house she heard loud crying and bawling not knowing that it was her son that died that day. That must have been the saddest day in her life.


18/09/99    9:00 PM

Will this site ever reach 10,000 Hits ???

Just kidding, I'm thinking of ways to promote the site though. Do you people think that regular e-mails is ok ? would like to be reminded when the site is updated ?

I wonder if I'm doing this in vain or if you people actually check out the site !   (Kidding :) )So far the response has been pretty good. Allot of people have written back telling me that they like the site and that it is cool and everything and I'm happy about that, thanks for your support.

Remember my plan is to get it to be a site for all of us ! So your feedback , comments etc. is vital.

I'm surprised that I haven't heard from other people though. Anyway looking forward to your responses.



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