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He's Back !

The site has been down for the past month, promises we made for a "Christmas" Edition, people were expecting at least a   "New Years" edition, but Cmad was now where to be found.

Actually Cmad was to be found everywhere else but in front of his computer. He was to be found in Pier 1 on Christmas Night , in Anchorage on Boxing Night, Liming in de Vale for Ole Years , in de big Hot '93 Pre-Carnival Fete at the Anchorage, in de Savannah for de launch of "The Vibe" CT 105FM Carnival Launch and in Pier 1 last weekend for their anniversary fete !

Yep, I'll be honest folks,  ah was too dam busy enjoying de season to update de site ! and for this I must apologize. But, ah finally sit meh ass down and decided to update it today. Now , to be totally honest , that is not the only reason why I didn't update the site. There were times where I sat down in front of the machine and nothing came to mind ! I just had a bad case of writers block (or web page designer's block , heheh !). Seriously folks, nothing came to mind, and I knew that I had to come with a new design for the site in the millennium( by the way hope you folks like it).

Problems with Design

For days I toyed with all kinda ideas, looked at other sites , and played around with colour schemes in an attempt to come up with something original.  If you ever designed a site, a newsletter, or anything you will know that it's sometimes hard to be original. The ideas just don't come to you right away, it's a gradual process. Anyway, I'm back now and I hope you all like the new look. It was designed to be stylish but practical. I put all the links to the different pages on a text banner instead of a graphic to speed up the loading of the pages. Too much graphics can really slow down a page. I also thought that black text on a white background is easier to read and hence the new colours. Anyway nuff technical stuff, I just hope that you people like it.

Changes in the site

I think that last year I was trying too hard to provide a site with daily content updates. So, this year I will be updating the site once a week, and I will be soliciting more contributions from you the viewers/readers. I'm offering columns to people who want to add their own sections to the site. You can get a regular posting like "Kaiser's Korner" if you so desire. So , if you have and idea for something interesting to put up on the site pease let me know.

As you can see from the main page, there will now be recurring features on the site, including, News and Cmad's Observations , and old favorites like Trini Beat and Kaiser's Korner. I also have plans for a sports commentary page called "Sports Digest" or something like that. It will feature commentary from my Dad (hopefully, I haven't asked him yet !) on sports issues of the day. I of course will continue to write about issues of the day and do my best to keep de foreign based trini's informed of the ongoings here at home.

Carnival !

I'm launching something big for carnival, actually a couple of things well ! Firstly, as you may have noticed there is no longer a "Camera Fund" link off the main page, this is because funds have finally come to hand for the camera and it will purchased in time for carnival 2000.  As promised , this camera will be used to show people exactly what dey missing if they not here for carnival. I will be going deep into the heart of carnival to show you the viewer what you really want to see ! This won't be the edited stuff that you see on de Express and Guardian, this will be like a Sunday Punch or worse !!!! This is for men like Kaiser and dem, de real stuff !!! so look out for it !!!

The second idea I had was for a "live" web cam on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The camera will be stationed on the balcony of my office , which overlooks the Savannah, and will give a bird's eye view of the proceedings. I have done it already and as such I know what is involved. Some details still have to be worked out though because I want it to be a 24-Hour Cam on the net, but things look good, so look out for it as well .

So , in conclusion, I would just like to thank you all , from the bottom of my heart, for your support throughout the past year. Thanks for the kudos and criticisms for they have all helped to make this site into what it is today.

Thanks again, & Happy New Year Everybody !



10/10/99    11:58 PM

Life is a Stage.....

"Life is a stage and we all have our parts to play" , we all know the saying right ? Well I just think that some of us play the part too well !!!

People in general like to have their moment in the spotlight, their "15 minutes of Fame". Everybody at some point in time, likes to have that one moment where everyone or someone stands up and takes note of what we have to say.  A moment where we can get people to stop and think after we have said something and most of all appreciate and admire what we have said. The thing is that sometimes when these moments come around some people tend to get a bit over dramatic, and try to play out the scene as if it where and episode of the Young and the Restless !!!

You ever met someone who must always have the last word ? and who will deliver those last words in such an over dramatic fashion that it seems comical ? It may have been something very serious that they were telling you, but they over dramatized the situation so much that you end up laughing in their face when you really shouldn't have. Then again, being Trinidadians we laugh at everything so this doesn't help either !

I believe that this "over acting" on our part is a direct effect of movies and television. Shows like the Young and Restless are responsible for this sort of behaviour ! In the Young and Restless for example (not that I ever watch the show ! ), If one character , lets say a woman, has to tell her man that she is pregnant or that she is seeing someone else this usually takes the entire show ! This is because of the excessive over acting, method pausing and doing dumb things like looking out the window while talking to the person !!!

This kinda behaviour has now transcended the boundaries of movies and television  and become apart of our daily lives ! Recently someone called me to tell me something on phone,  it was to express how they felt about something that I had done, and the person took so dam long to say what they had to say, and was so dramatic in saying it , that all that was missing were the sounds of violins playing in the background to complete the scene !!!

Now I know that ah going to get licks for dis, but I find this "over dramatization" is found mostly in women ! Most women, not all, tend to take way to long to say something that could have been said in 30 seconds !!! They go on and on about this and that, telling you that their life story, all in an attempt to get you to do something that you aint gonna do anyway !!!!

To conclude, let's just ease up on the daily dosage of soap operas and over emotional romance novels. Let's try get to the point alot sooner and by all means,  please don't make every moment and audition for a role on Young and Restless !!! Life is  really not that intense, lighten up !!


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