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Even when they were previewing this movie in the cinema people went wild. I remember going to see a Gladiator and Mission Impossible 2 Double feature and whilst they were showing the preview for this movie there were shouts of "Show it now !" emanating from the audience.

Of course, some women may argue that this movie was really a "guy" flick. Packed with action and special effects the movie almost assured any woman who accompanied a man to this picture that she would be ignored for the length of this flick as all eyes would be glued to the screen.

True to the fact, the movie delivered. It was filled with action and special effects and some rather good acting as well. Not surprisingly,  as the cast featured some of the finest actors around today including Patrick Stewart and Halie Berry.   

I gotta say that I truly enjoyed this movie and it left me wanting more. Hope to see a sequel soon.


Mission Impossible 2


The first thing that I have to say about this movie is that it took too dam long to reach down here. It was being advertised in the states for months and we actually had time (if you have cable) to see reviews of the film before it came down. This actually kills the enthusiasm to see the picture, because after seeing the preview over and over both on cable and in the cinema by the time you actually see the picture you basically know what is going to happen at what time.

But,  besides that, although I found the movie to be very entertaining, I also found it to be too predictable. Even if I had never seen the trailer before, once the movie starts and you see the hero (Tom Cruise's character) doing something wrong like killing some poor defenseless man on and airplane you immediately know that what you're seeing is not the hero but rather he villain with one of those infamous masks that they always wear masquerading as our hero. Also, just before the end of the flick when Tom Cruises character gets killed, you know immediately that it wasn't actually him who go killed but rather one of his enemies wearing a mask. Ah mean , come on, who are they trying to fool.

That was my only problem with this movie, the overuse of the same idea all the time. At the end of the first Mission Impossible we first saw the use of the face mask and it was pretty cool, but in this second installment they went a bit overboard with it, don't ya think ? 

Anyway, all in all it was a good flick. I enjoyed allot of the high tech gadgetry and computer stuff and the action sequences were pretty thrilling. Well all except for the ending, that fight sequence on the shore of the beach seemed to go on forever and I seem to remember shouting out "Gosh, kill de dam man already !"





Ya know I really gotta stop reading reviews of these movies before I go to see them, and I suggest you folks do the same (except for my reviews of course :)). I say this because I read a review , no, sorry,  I saw a review on TV of this movie that severely criticized the use of special effects to recreated the Roman Empire. The review claimed that it was poorly done and that it seemed too obvious. Well , maybe I'm blinded to these kind of mistakes but I seemed quite good to me.

One thing that I really never expected was the high quality of acting and the most interesting storyline. I guess I never really expected it because of the way in which the movie was marketed. The trailer portrayed the film as being an action flick, so naturally I really wasn't expecting much in the acting department. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised , especially by  Russell Crow who gave a fantastic performance of a valiant general whose only desire was to leave all the war and killing behind him and return home to his family.

The movie is filled with a good combination of intrigue and action that keeps the viewer engaged and helps to defray from the fact that it is almost 2 hours long. If you haven't seen it by now, I guess it will be on cable soon so look out for it. Good movie.

obi_wan_sm.JPG (9267 bytes) Star Wars Episode 1

Well first and foremost I must critique Star Wars Episode 1, and I know for starters, crazaow will most definitely disagree with me , but no offence crazaow I don't think that you are a true Star Wars fan if you really enjoyed that movie.

Ok, lemme first of all state all the things that I liked about the movie. I truly enjoyed the special effects, they were remarkable. Because of my interest in computer technology I was especially interested in the level at which CGI had been used in this movie, I estimated that 80% of the stuff that I saw in this movie was CGI.

The Pod Race

The Pod Race Truly had me going, the fast paced action, the special effects, the characters, the fast paced action (oh I mentioned that already:) , and like everyone in the cinema I was totally swept up into this scene. It was pure excitement ! I wanna see that again !!

All Light Saber Scenes

Loved them all , especially when Darth Maul opened the other side of the double edged saber. True kick ass ting !!! I loved it !

Other good notes. I found that Liam Neilson and the other guy (who played Obi Wan) gave good performances, they were very convincing.

What I Didn't Like

Firstly , this movie lacked something, the mystery, the sense of adventure, the mystique of the force. I think this is because we already know what the force is and that Anakin will grow up to be Darth Vader. It never grabbed me that way the other ones did.

Secondly, I am very sorry but that Jar Jar Binks character was the most annoying thing in the movie. At first I thought that it was because of my position in the cinema or Globe's sound system or something, but I spent most of the movie trying to understand what the hell he and his people were saying.

I have read reviews in which people say that George Lucas was stereotyping his characters, like Jar Jar with his "Creole" accent and Anakin's slave master (I forgot the name) with his "Italian like " accent and mannerisms (I'm not sure if I spelt that right) . I agree with these comments, actually that thought crossed my mind while watching the film. It seems like George is loosing his originality, but I wouldn't call it racist or anything.

Darth Maul

I like this character , but I found that he coulda done some talking when he was fighting Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan. That was the only thing that the scene was missing, some good ole fashioned gun talk !!!

bond_poster.jpg (19978 bytes) The World is not Enough

Now, first of all , you must know that I'm a big James Bond fan. When I say a big James Bond fan, I mean a BIG JAMES BOND FAN !!! My father and I have seen every James Bond film ever made, and most likely more than once. In the early days of cable in T&T , when the Superstation TBS used to show " 7 days of Bond " we used to watch all seven days ! So excuse me if I may seem a bit biased about these films.

Now,  there are a few standard things that you have to understand about Bond films, once you understand this you will never critique a Bond film again, merely enjoy it ! They are as follows :

At the beginning of each film bond receives his instructions from "M" on his mission.

He then proceeds to see "Q" who will give him all his new gadgets (one of the best parts of the film !), and of course his new car,   these days it's always a BMW and always the latest model ( I think that BMW pays for this promo).

"Q" always tells him to be careful with the car and bring it back in one piece. He usually never does.

Bond is the only man in the world who can get any woman he wants ! .............except Money Penny. She always seems to like to flirt with him......she must know that he's a ole slut ! heheh!

Most , not all , of the time the women bond meets are extremely gorgeous and they all want him. I say "most" because there was that one show with Grace Jones and , well , need I say more ?

Bond does outrageous things that normal human beings can't do and causes millions of dollars in property damage every where he goes. Apparently the British Government doesn't mind !

Bond is always captured by the villain. The villain never kills him immediately and always reveals the master plan to him. He then always escapes and proceeds to save the world.

Now that you know what to expect, you will never find a Bond film stupid and ridiculous !

"The World is not Enough" is no exception to these rules. There was a nice plot twist which had me going for a while, the action was superb ( especially the boat chase and the pipeline scene ), and of course the women were beautiful , as evidenced by the photo on this page. So, in all,bearing the above expectations in mind, I found the movie quite entertaining and would definitely recommend seeing it if you have two hours and $15 to kill. If not, wait for it to come on will save yourself the $15 ! 







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