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Bert Is Evil

From time to time your pal Cmad goes surfing around the net to see what new and unusual things he can find. He happened to stumble upon this website one day and found it funny as hell ! For a good laugh, check out Bert is Evil. Beware, the webmaster does take it to the extreme sometimes, so don't show this to your kids !


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If you like the Muppets as much as I do you will appreciate this site. While you're there check out Kermit's Millennium Message !

hsw-logo-long6.gif (2501 bytes) HOW STUFF WORKS

This is a very interesting site, if you ever wanted to know how a cell phone or a diesel engine, or the internet works this site will tell you. Check it out, Great info !


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So I was eating some pringles de other day and I noticed on the tin that pringles had a web site ! This was not suprising because it seems like everything is going on the web now. But anyway, I checked it out and thought that it was pretty cool. A nice layout with a good use of the shockwave technology to make things come to life. It's fun too ! check it out at

If you don't have shockwave when you go to the site you will be prompted to download it as you reach the site.


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Fatima , The Old Alma Marta

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De Lime ICQ List

Kinda bogus but check it out anyway.

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The link to this site is kinda slow though.

  De Express

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De Guardian











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