About This Site

I designed this site with the purpose of having a forum for expressing how I feel about things in life to the world. It was supposed to be my place to express my position on issues , politics, movies , music and just about anything else.But while designing it I realized that it would be better if everyone could have a voice, so those of you who wanna make comments about things that I write about are more than welcome.

I see it as being very thera-peudical to express my views as I am usually a quiet person, and not always willing to express how I feel about things in person. This is because I despise confrontation and arguments, and most of the time prefer to reserve my comments for a proper time and place. But like everyone else I'm only human ! and I do have days when I just let it all out on some poor unfortunate fool. So to avoid those instances, I will let it out here.

Some of the things that I write about may offend you , some may surprise you and some may down write shock you , but I promise you all one thing, if you disagree with me on anything , write me and I will post your arguments online. I believe in freedom of speech, and in the fact that everyone has their own opinion.

The topics that I discuss vary constantly, but are usually interesting and quite topical. So fee free to write in and share YOUR opinion so that we can get a discussion going.