Banned in the USA !


Step 1 : Point your browser to

Step 2 : Download the software

Step 3 : Install the software

Step 4 : Input the Name of the Artiste or the Song......and volia ! instant FREE music.

It was that easy folks. Yep, Napster made our lives so much easier. No longer did we have to spend hours searching lame websites with annoying pop-up banners and dead links. We were free to download what we wanted when we wanted, just find the person with the song that you wanted , choose a fast connection (like T1, T3 , Cable or DSL), and within a matter of half hour or so you had high quality , digital, music on your computer. Life was never so good !

Personally, I had started a very nice collection of music from the 80's and early 90's and was even beginning to categorize them on my hard drive for future burning on a CD. I was surprised at stuff I could fine on Napster, even really old stuff like "Fill me up buttercup" from the Pretenders and  "the way you look tonight" by Tony Bennett. Real classics. The new version of Napster even allowed you to look at other songs that the person that you were downloading from had on their hard drive, and if necessary , send a message to them telling then to stay online until you got that particular song. Being a connoisseur of old school rap I was able to find some really old "styles" by rappers like Dana Dane and Special Ed, stuff that isn't even in publication anymore, and like most people I made a list of songs to search for and download. A list which kept getting longer everyday.

But , soon it may be  all gone. 

I remember when the news broke that Napster had lost the case, I like thousands of others rushed online to see if I could get in a last , quick download. But, buy that time, the service was so dam congested that it was impossible to get anything down. Actually ,ever since school closed Napster has been very slow.  I was constantly getting "Timeout" errors. I assumed that the congestion was due to the fact that with school children being home on holidays they now had the time to download all the songs they wanted without being told to go to bed ! 

But, I'm straying, the fact is that Napster is going down (at least for now anyway).  They lost the fight, a fight which I hoped the would have won. Now, I know that some may argue that what Napster was doing was wrong. One particular person comes to mind here, and artiste friend of mine, who once told me that she hoped I would never put links to mp3 on my website. But, as I see it, why shouldn't we be able to share music amongst ourselves. I am really tired of buying CD's that usually costs about $120-$130 TT for one or two good songs. Artistes these days have to come better than that !

Once in a while you might get something good, like Santana's Supernatural (an album which I own by the way), which you can just pop into the CD player and let it play without having to press the FORWARD button all the time. But for the most part, my CD collection consists of allot of "one hit wonders"

Napster helped to facilitate the creation of my own personal CD's , with compilations that I liked and wanted to hear. And yeah ! so what if it was free ! Those record companies make too  much dam money off of people anyway ! 

As I see it, the only solution would be for the artistes to sell their music directly to the public themselves. Use the power of the internet to market the music directly to the consumer. Sell the songs individually, so that we can buy what we like and create our own CD's online (there are a few companies doing this now on the net). Re-Open Napster, and charge a small fee for usage. Let the funds collected be used to pay royalties to Artistes. I for one wouldn't mind paying a $10US a month or something to keep the service going. Napster can even create a window on the program to display ads and in that way generate some advertising revenue for themselves so that they get a little piece of the action as well. A solution can be found.

But, until some kind of arrangement can be reached..................more power to ya Napster ! Fight the power !