Meet the Muts !!!


Eagle (I did not name this dog)

Some how I've always seemed to have dogs in my family. No don't take that the wrong way :) Nah, but we've always had dogs here, we just like having them around. Some how though, we managed to end up with four dogs, the most we've ever had ! But it's a real drama to watch these dogs on a day to day basis. All the jealousy and fighting has the makings of a good soap oprea. Sometimes I spend hours watching them interact with each other as it makes for good entertainment. So, I thought it might be fun to let you all meet them and to give you an insight into their strange but human-like lives.

Meet Eagle. Now I know what you're thinking, but I didn't name this dog. Eagle came to us through a now ex-girlfriend of mine. She , her mother and sisters were living in an apartment and the little sister wanted to get a dog. So they got her a dog and She named him Eagle. Why ? I really don't know. That child kinda weird !

Well, eventually the landlord caught up with them and so they asked me to keep the dog for them. For a while my ex brought food for the dog and dropped it off by me ,as the whole arrangement was supposed to be temporary. But, eventually we broke up and she never bothered to return for the dog. So eagle just ended up living with us.

Now Eagle is a very miserable little dog that loves attention. He was extremely spoilt when he was growing up my ex-girlfriend's sisters care. She used to have him in her arms all day, hardly ever allowing him time to be alone. So, as a consequence, he grew accustomed to that type of affection and closeness. Now he gets jealous when the other dogs get attention.

When Eagle came on the scene we already had Sandy (who you will meet later). Anyway, they mated twice and Sandy had two litters, Tino can from the first and Brandy cam from the second. Now, something you must understand about dogs, in every pack or dogs there must be an Alpha (or head dog) who demands the respect of the other dogs. Eagle has held this position for a long time, being father to both Tino and Brandy. But, as Tino grew bigger , he began to challenge Eagle for Alpha status and as such today they are constantly battling each other for the title. Sometimes the fights get pretty brutal and we have to come and break them up (with the help of a hose of course).


Tino (The Challenger)

Meet Tino. The son of Sandy and Eagle and challenger for the title of Alpha dog. Tino's name is actually Valentino and was named that because he was born on Valentines Day.

Tino is rather unusual, more of a coward than anything else actually. He's afraid of most loud noises including fireworks and even heavy rain. He spends most of his time in our front proch hiding from Eagle, especially ever since I taught him how to jump the wall :) He likes to run out in the road (as do all my dogs) whenever he can and has recently began to take out his frustrations with Eagle on poor little Brandy, who he sees as being below him. We try our best to keep him from terrorizing poor Brandy but Bran always seems to be able to defend himself.

Despite his cowardice, Tino is the best contender to challenge Eagle. He is physically bigger and stronger than Eagle. All he needs is confidence. In their last three fights he has won two and one looks forward to the day that he will be able to take the crown. But he needs to overcome his fears and stand up and be a dog !


Sandy (The Princess)


Meet Sandy. Or "Princess Sandy" as I like to call her. This is my girl, my baby girl. She is too sweet and by far the best behaved dog we have. She listens 80% of the time, which is good by our dogs standards. She's the oldest of the dogs and as such age is beginning to catch up with her. She used to be allot more active, and frolic with the other dogs but these days she has limited her play time and instead spends alot more time sleeping.

Sandy was named after a girl I saw on TV once. Don't ask me what show, can't remember now.

She enjoys playing with Brandy alot, but sees the other two dogs as fools for all their fighting and as such stays away. Ever since we had her spaded the other dogs leave her alone and she can finally live in peace.

But Sandy is a true lady. I've never seen a dog more ladylike. She crosses her paws just like a lady would and even diets from time to time to insure that she maintains her trim figure. She doesn't take too kindly to female visitors to our home and often is more aggressive to them than to men.


Brandy (the baby)

Meet Brandy. Brandy is the baby in the family. Brandy was named after another dog that we had who looked just like him. He reminded us so much of the original Brandy that we decided to call him Brandy as well. He's a good dog who loves to sleep inside the house allot. It seems as though they all have places in the house or yard where they like to claim as their own. Brandy is a little short for his age (this he inherited from his father), but he doesn't let that stop him from getting into fights with Tino, his older brother. When we take brandy to the vet she always says "Oh what a cute dog", as he has a lovely golden coat. Like I said he's the baby in the family and we tend to spoil him a bit.

I expect that one day he will rise up and challenge Tino for the title of Alpha dog, that is , once Tino gets it from Eagle. In the meantime they're allot of fun to watch !