Lara Croft

Everybody, Meet Lara Croft. Lara is the sexiest woman on the net, despite the fact that she is an animated character!

Lara is the creation of the good people at Eidos Cames who mader her the star of her own series of animated game series Tomb Raider.

Lara is considered by many in the industry to be a materpiece in computer animation. The detail that the people ar Eidos have put into her is remarkable !

The graphics in the game are excellent as well and it's quite and adventure. In the game you control Lara on her journey throughout different parts of the world, she jumps, runs, climbs, swims and packs a mighty arsenal of firearms. She fights animals and villans alike and looks like she can kick ya ass if ya give her a chance.

So enjoy Lara, she's brought to you with great pleasure by Cmad's Domain.

Ok, to answer your question, NO Eidos is not paying me to do this review. I just really like Lara and yeah, de game pretty cool too!!!

Fella's if you want to get these images for your desktop e-mail me and let me know. I have these three and three more in jpeg format at 800X600 resolution. So if you want them I will post them up for you all to FTP.




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