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So here we are at Roland's Wedding , waiting......waiting for something to happen. We were invited for 11am but things didn't get going until after 12 pm. Honestly I never thought I would see the day that this lowlife would get married, :) but hey,  I guess hell finally froze over !( Heheheh )

At long last drums start to roll and down comes Rolo, followed by his mom and dad. Apparently this was all part of the ceremony as he has to be prepared before he meets his bride.



Grin :) Yours truly gets Roland to make light of a serious situation and crack a smile for the camera. The preparations are extensive as he is dressed and made up in front of everyone. 

Further preparations. Notice that his mom is also well decked off in traditional dress as she sits in the chair behind and watches as the pundit anoints different parts of his body.

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