Even more fireworks !. Yeah, de fireworks show was nice man, everybody was enjoying it.



Still More Fireworks ! Alright, enough already ! Start de dam show ! People pay dey money ! 

As you can see this man head so big ah couldn't get it out of de picture ! :) heheheheh



Yeah Yeah ! Machel comes out with a bang ! Thrusts of fire shoot from either side of the stage as he appears singing "Millenium Coming" , the crowd goes wild ! and then...........silence. People look around wondering what has happened. The show stops and we hear Machel appealing for calm in the VIP section.


Spectators look on trying to figure out what has happened. The Cmad's Domain Crew moves in close to see what is going on. Machel demands that all the gates be open so we are able to move freely into the $80 , 120 and eventually the $240 and $600 sections. Machel's pleas for calm make us realize that something serious has happened. 




As we move into the VIP section, we realize what has happened. The entire Platinum VIP and VIP sections have collapsed, people are hurt and the crowd begins to panic. Machel continues his appeals for calm as rumours of serious injuries and death spread throughout the crowd.  Personally, I go looking for family and friends that I knew had been in those sections, all the time praying that they are ok. The shot above shows the extent of the damage. 


The tragic scene. A very somber mood falls over the concert. People are crying (including Machel and his parents) as ambulances stream in one by one to take away the injured patrons. Most of the patrons from these stands who were not injured decide to leave the concert after witnessing the carnage. 

Cellular lines are jammed as everyone tries to make calls home to their loved ones and locate friends that they lost in the melee. 

At this time I stop taking pictures and decide to go and look for my peeps. 




The scene was really tragic. I saw many injured but I thought it best not to photograph them, it just didn't seem right. I eventually got word that my friends were ok and decided to leave the concert myself. On the way home we heard that Machel had restarted the concert. Some said that it was inappropriate , but some how I knew that he would have. Eventually we heard that between 50 - 60 people were injured some with serious spinal injuries as well. We send out our prayers to them and wish them well.




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