Well it started out pretty good, we arrived there as Surface was doing their performance onstage. The mood seemed nice and all were in anticipation of Machel's arrival. Being unable to secure a $240 ticket at the last minute I was forced to take in the show from the $70 grounds. Little did I know at the time that maybe that was for the best.


As with any concert in Trinidad there were the usual LONG breaks between bands coming onstage. After Surface there was a really long one, so , while the DJ "Radioactive" was hyping up the crowd I decided to take a look around the grounds to see what I could see. I was soon drawn by the infectious sounds of the Laventille Rhythm Section shown above.



Carib Girls. I didn't have to search too far to find the Carib Girls on display. It seems like these girls are everywhere these days, but hey ! I don't mind ! :) As you can see they were sectioned off from us , sorry fellas , no close up shots !


Fireworks ! Signs of Machel's arrival onstage. The lights grew dim and fireworks lit up the sky to announce the arrival of the "Prince of Soca".




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