Ole Years 2002 !

Posted 13-4-2003

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Hey I know this is a kinda late posting for these photos, but hey, I was busy. Anyway , here are all the pics from Ole Years Night 2002. Anand had this bright idea for us all to go to this party in Conutry Club for Ole Years, as usual promising us that it was the hottest thing on that night. As usual, he was wrong (hahah !). But when the boys are gathered together we bound to have some fun. So here are the pics I took of that night, If anything comes out too blury or I caught people doing nastyness SORRY, but i was too dam drunk to care !


Ok, a now reach. Just testing out de camera. Took a shot of the people in the crowd,

Marsha, my date. Isn't she pretty ? :)


Barry and Jeffrey Goofing Off again !


I finally got these fools to pose for a decent picture.


Loverboy Jeffrey getting some ole years night loving from de wifey NJ. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh ! How Sweet !

Oh Geez, here they are again ! Enough already !

Anand and Rachel. Don't they look good together ? :)