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Rockafella Center. Beautiful !

Horse and Carriage Rides. Available for a small fee.


Jules. After the hectic romp throughout the streets of NY Franz decided that we stop for a drink. We found this quaint little bar in the heart of the Village that was really cool. It featured a live jaz band that jammed some mellow vibes. Just the right place to relax and unwind.


The Trip Home. Obviously tired, we decided catch the train and head home. As you can see Ja'net decided to get a head start on the sleeping :) Poor baby, she was really tired.



Brooklyn, NY. The next day Franz and Ja'net went apartment hunting so I tagged along and took some pics. This is the view from one of the apartments that they were looking at.

Here we see Franz talking to the real estate agent (the guy in the gray shirt) and another prospective tennant looking over the kitchen area.

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