Larios. What is Larios ? it's a restaurant owned by Gloria Estafan and her husband. I didn't go inside but I was told that the prices are very high. 


Versache's Mansion. This is the house of the late Gianni Versache. It it treated as a sacred museum here on South Beach, as cars are not allowed to park in front of the gate.

Versache's Mansion. These are the steps on which he was killed. As you can see they are cordoned off by small but effective guide posts.

The Tides Hotel. Why is this hotel so special ? well , it was used in the making of Harrison Ford's latest film. (the name of which escapes me now) :)



Well , that's all folks !

Special thanks to Celeste, Brian and Slim for taking me around and showing me the sights on South Beach. I didn't get a chance to go back to South Beach in the night (when I understand it really gets freaky :)  ) But hopefully on my next trip to Miami I will. I hoped you all enjoyed seeing my pictures and much as I enjoyed taking them. Look out for more of my adventures soon......8ers !




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