Mangoes ! No, ah not selling, that's the name of the club in the picture above. Mangoes is one of the more popular clubs on South Beach. Known for allowing it's patrons to dance on the tables, it was a pretty cool place to check out.



Mangoes Waitresses ! Even better than the place itself was it's waitresses. Check out the "over the shoulder" shot I used to get this picture. She never knew what happened.

The Palace Grill. One of the many fine restaurants along Ocean Avenue. Here we see Brian and Celeste in the picture. Celeste of course looking back and wondering "what de hell happen to this dam tourist !"



I thought this was pretty funny. But apparently the police were very serious about it. Apparently cruising on Ocean Avenue is a serious problem as it causes traffic backups, hence the sign and the light. :) funny eh ?




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