Welcome to South Beach, Miami. Population -  beautiful ! This is Ocean Avenue, the main street in South Beach. To my surprise, the street wasn't all that long.


Looking in the other direction on can see that ocean avenue isn't really all that big, but it sure is nice. The police presence seemed strong here, maybe it was because of all the tourists.


The first thing we did was head on the beach. By we I mean my tourist guides (Celeste, Brian and Rohan) and I. On of the main attractions was this fantastic sand castle that we saw on the beach. Celeste told me that the city pays a guy to come and build sand castles on the beach everyday. This is but on of his creations.


The loooong beach ! Ah not going to lie, Miami have some of the longest beaches I've ever seen. This picture shows evidence of this, beach as far as the eye can see.



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