Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic. Our adventure began with heavy traffic. We spent about two and a half hours in traffic before we reached the carnival festivities held at  Opa Loca Airport. It was a very frustrating start to the carnival.


At times we came out of the car and sat down on the side of the road as we waited for the traffic to move.


While in the car we were entertained by the scintillating sounds of soca on the radio. On carnival day we found at lest two Miami radio stations jamming soca constantly. In the picture above you can see my Trini flag and my pal slim who was taking in the sweet soca music.

Flags. I mentioned my Trini flag before because I wanted to emphasize how much of a role flags played in the carnival. West Indians show great pride in their respective countries when abroad, I saw evidence of this throughout the carnival where everyone was representing with their national colours and flags. Here we see a brother hustling the sale of some flags, wile the other guy was hustling the sale of some parking spaces  :)


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