Mexican Circus Comes to T&T

March, 2000 

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A wide shot of the Mexican Circus. You can do the translation of the Spanish written on the side of the trailer if you want , but everyone down here is calling it the "Mexican Circus" . On the day we visited the site there wasn't any security in place, and as such people we just walking in and out of the camp. We were able to get some nice up close and personal pics of the animals , check them out below.


Humping Around ! These camels were caught having a snack. It was reported in the newspapers recently that a vet from the Ministry of Agriculture had to tend to an open sore on one of these animals. But when we saw them they seemed to be fine.

Monkeyin' Around ! This little chimp had the crowd of onlookers in stitches as he gave his trainer no end of trouble ! :) He's holding in his had a juice bottle which he snatched from a fan who came a bit too close. The trainer told us to keep our distance because ,as he said, they are known to bite !

Horse Play. These miniature horses (I can't remember the real name for them) were caught having lunch.

Under the Big Top. This is what the inside of the "Big Top" looks like.
Elephants. I caught these people looking at these elephants' buts !!! I don't know why and I didn't ask.

Into the Lion's Den. Folks, this is the extent to which our ace cameraman Colin will go to get a picture! He had to go right up to the bars to get this up close and personal shot of the famous white tigers asleep in their cages.