Welcome to Cmad's Domain ! 

11th March, 2001


A stitched shot of the inside of Cmad's Domain. I actually took two pictures here and digitally stitched them together. It aint perfect, but I was the best I could do for now. Anyway folks, welcome to my humble abode ! :) The machine on the right is the real workhorse which I use to update the Domain, the other PC on the other table serves as a Windows NT Server and runs IIS 4.0 . It is used as a local web server on which I can publish and test the site before it is uploaded onto the internet.


The workhorse of the domain. This is the machine I use to update the domain. It's in need of an upgrade, but it works well for now. :)

 Hardware Specs: Pentium II 350Mhz, 64MB RAM ,6.4 GIG HD, 4MB 3D Trident Video Card, 44X CDROM, 17" Samsung Sync Master 750S Monitor, , Realtek 10MB NIC,  Sound Blaster 16 Sound Card, Altec Lansing 340 Speakers with Subwoofer.

Software Used for the domain: Windows 98 (OS), Office 2000 (includes FrontPage 2000) , Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Corel Draw 8.0, & SuperJPG 4.2

The Versatile Server . This baby plays three roles. It acts as a Windows NT Server, A Red Hat Linux Server and a Windows 95 workstation (so that If friends come over they can surf the net on it :)) I use Bootmagic 1.0 to set up the triple boot system between the OSes. On the NT side It runs IIS 4.0 and the FrontPage 2000 server extensions and on the Linux side, I use Red Hat Linux 6.1 and run the Apache Web Server.

Hardware Specs: 233Mhz Pentium, 64MB RAM, and assortment of old hard drives :) , 15" Acer View Monitor and a 3Com 3c509B NIC.


 The Network. It's a 10MB Coax Network. I know it aint the fastest medium around today , but hey , I got both the cards and the cable for free from a customer who was doing away with his coax network. Besides, it's just two PCs, and  I don't need anything faster than 10MB for that.


Colour Printer. Canon BJC-4300. I don't recommend these printers because the cartridges either run out too fast or dry up. Worst yet, I've only had the dam thing for just over a year and already I have gone though 3 print heads ! 

Scanner. A Scanner is a must have if you're gonna do any serious web designing. It comes in very hand to scan in the invitations for parties that appear in the Trini Beat section. The off-the-wall shelf was designed and built by my the Darmanie Home Construction Company (my dad and I ) :)


Yeah ! that's right ! Powered by RedHat. For those of you who know what that means :) , and of course the ever popular "Intel Inside" Logo.




My Toys ! Yeah ,Yeah, I know what you're gonna say, deprived as a child and all that stuff :) But the truth is that I just like collecting toys, one of my hobbies, so here are some of them : On the top of the server we see Godzilla, a creature from the film "A bugs life" and 3 Genuine Hot Wheels Hot Rods !



More and More Toys ! This machine is filled with stuff. From the back we have the comic strip character Dilbert, an ant from the movie "A bugs life", Buzz Lightyear from the movie "Toy Story" , Dilbert's dog (can't remember his name) and the ever popular "Cartman" from the Television series South Park. As you can see I'm also very patriotic , in front of Dilbert is my T&T Flag. :)


Elmo and the Crew. Here is Elmo, one of my favourites, along with one of the M&M guys and a penny bank Pepsi truck. I don't collect anything in particular, just stuff I like. Actually,  to be quite honest, most of these stuff were gifts from my dear friend Angie, she knows how much I like toys and keeps buying them for me. So, if you wanna give me a gift for my birthday or something make sure and head straight for the toy store ! :)



Hornsby. Hornsby sits atop the main system's monitor. He's pretty cool, he keeps me company on those long nights when I'm ketching ass to get updates loaded onto the website. :)

Dino. Dino is a new addition to the clan :) I only got him around Easter time but he seems to be fitting in pretty well. I put him to watch over the server and make sure all is well. :)


That's All Folks !

Well folks, that's it, an inside look at the real Cmad's Domain. It's where I spend allot of my time when I'm at home, not because I'm a computer geek or anything, I just enjoy exploring new technologies, and these days things change so fast ya gotta try and keep up.

In this room I feel in control, it's my own little corner of the world, and I love it. It was originally me and my brother's bedroom before we moved upstairs (way back when) and ever since then it's been known as the computer room. It's my home inside of home and I cherish it dearly.

So if any of you folks decide to drop by this is where you'll find me, typing away at the computer , in the REAL Cmad's Domain.