A Day at the Races

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I recently spent a day up at the Arima Race Club taking in the horse racing action. This was a first for me , as I had never been to races before and,  as such , decided to take along my camera. The experience was nice with the exception of the loss of $40 betting  on two horses that came in 5th and dead last respectively :) Fortunately,  I had the privilege of going into the members area and hobnobbing with the well to do, but I soon realized that you can't make any money betting on horses in Trinidad. 

I tried playing a long shot with 99-1 odds, hoping that if the horse at least placed that I would win some money. But as I placed my bet I saw the odds drop from 99-1 to 60-1 , then to 40-1 , then 20-1 etc, etc. Apparently everyone else in the racing complex decided to play that long shot too, cause by the time the race was ready to run off the odds were down to about 7-1 ! .........and after all that de dam horse come in 5th ! So, anyway for the rest of the day I decided to kick back and take out pictures. Here are some.


Up on Top. This is a shot of the parade area from on top the Arima Race Club (ARC) in the members area.

This is a shot of the tractor that pulls the gate for the horses.(I don't remember the name of the gateway thingy)

The Tractor again. As you can tell, I was most impressed with the tractor. I was very interested to see how they set it up the gateway for the different races and how they maneuver that thing. There is a guy who operates the gateway from the back and steers it while the other guy drives the tractor.



The Races.  This is not one of the races that I lost money on but I decided to try and get a "photo finish" anyway. At about this time I realized that I desperately need to get another camera cause this one has no zoom ! Sorry bout that folks, I'll have to try and get closer to the action next time. :)

The parade area. This is where they walk the horses around in a circle to "warm them up" I guess. I also gives the patrons a chance to get an up close look at their horse of choice before the race.

Up Close. This is about as close as I could have gotten to the action. The jockeys mount the horses in the parade area and take them out to the tracks.