Umpire ! 

12th March, 2001

Welcome to the Queens Park Oval. Recently, my cousin Jeff & I spent the day at the Queens Park Oval for the third and final day of the one day international finals between Pakistan and the West Indies. For those of you who may not have known , we lost the match, so don't go expecting exciting shots of the cricket action here. We got fed up with the poor performance of the team and decided to have some fun instead. Fortunately, I walked with the camera and was able to get some shots. 

We spent the day in the C L Duprey Stand. How we managed to be in that stand is another story. Jeff & I came down to the oval around 8 or 8:30 am looking for tickets for "grounds". This was a new experience for us as we would normally get passes to the Stallmayer Stand (it pays to know people who are members of the QPC :)). Anyway, this time we lucked out as all the passes were already taken. So, off we went in search of tickets for grounds, expecting to pay around $60 or so for a ticket. Along the way we were tackled by many a scalper offering us tickets for the Cycle Track $130 , downstairs Dos Santos stand $150 etc, etc. As we rounded the corner by the St. Clair Medical Center we met a guy who had tickets for the C L Duprey Stand. A ticket valued at $190 and he was willing to part with them for $100 ! Well, needless to say we didn't waste any time. The C L Duprey Stand was much nicer than grounds and just happened to overlook the ever popular Trini Pose Stand ($250) where all the action is, besides we had never seen cricket from this angle before and it we thought it would be an interesting experience. Well , what can I say, thank god for scalpers ! cause the C L Duprey Stand was pretty cool and we were able to storm the Trini Pose Stand in the end. :)


Jus Chillin !. Firstly let me introduce the crew : closest to the camera is my cousin Jeff , next to him is his cousin Alicia and three other friends. As you can see we were most bored by the events on the field so we decided to kick back and relax for a spell.





The Falling Pepsi Can . This was one of the most exciting things to happen for the day, the Pepsi Can from atop the media building fell down and just seemed to hang from the top. They eventually had to cut it down and deflate it. It stopped play for about 10 minutes.


The Camera. Here we have a pic of the camera used by the Sky Television crew. As you can see it's a regular video camera that is fitted with some high powered lenses. As you can see I was most intrigued by the camera. :)


The Satellite Uplink. Ever wonder how they do that live broadcast around the world ? No they don't use TTT or TV6 these guys have their own satellite dish to upload their signal. It just so happened that it was located in the back of the C L Duprey Stand.

The Trini Posse Stand. Laden with beautiful flags and even more beautiful women ! I must say, the Trini Posse stand had no end of excitement. Music blasting at the end of every over and an on going rhythm section that kept even us up in the C L Duprey Stand entertained for the entire day. There were even Hawaiian Tropic girls applying lotion to patrons free of charge ! On seeing this Jeff and I decided that we MUST find a way into the Trini Posse Stand...........and so we did !


The Bajan Posse. The Bajans were well represented in the Trini Posse Stand. Here they are in orange.






The Barrier. This was our barrier to entry into the Trini Posse Stand. It doesn't look like much,  and It wasn't,  Jeff and I could have broken that down in about 2 seconds flat but the guy in the white hat standing next to the post  might have had something to say about that. 

Now this guy was pretty small,  and we could have just pushed him aside and walked right in, but there were police nearby on the other side of the fence and we didn't want to chance it. We tried bribing him , but to no avail, for some stupid reason he was quite loyal to his cause and refused even up to $60. So we decided to play the waiting game and see how long he would keep it up.


"Allya Buy nuts from meh nah ! There were other things to amuse us that day,  including the popular "Allya buy nuts from meh nah" nutsman who always leaves the crowd in stitches. Here he is harassing some foreigners.









Success ! We successfully invaded the Trini Posse Stand ! After some careful negotiations with the QPCC official we broke down the fence and stormed in ! :) 


De Rhythm Section. A close up look at the Rhythm Section that entertained us for the entire day.




Help Jumbo Go To England. This was Jumbo the nutsman's cry as he tried his best to get people to buy the remainder of his stale peanuts. :)


"Geez, allya go home nah !" If it's one thing I can say about the Trini Posse is that they like to party !. Win, lose or draw the fete must go on. Here we see them still feting after the match. By this time Cmad and the crew had already stormed the field. :)

Blue Haired Babe ! On the field we saw many strange people doing many strange things :) including this blue haired girl (it's a wig). She attracted alot of attention,  especially from the foreigners.

Pretty Pepsi Girl.  We caught this girl on our way out the oval. She was working in the refreshment stand. Looking as cute as she did I couldn't resist a pic. :)


Well, that's it for now. I actually have a ton more pictures from Cricket, but I couldn't show them all. I have a serious problem with space on the server so I gotta cut down the number of photos, but maybe I might put more up some other time. Hoped you all liked what you saw. Look out for more interesting events soon on the domain.