Carnival Tuesday 2002 - Poison

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Mrs. SEALY being attacked by Berks

Ladies man Steve hugging a nice babes.



Dammit Brian ! What the heck are you still doing here ? You are supposed to be on your way back up to Miami to your loving wife, but instead you are here running yuh mouth about how she doh control yuh and yuh is yuh own man ! wait till she see yuh in this picture ! Hahahahahahah !


Pleasures of the Flesh !


Sweetman Jeffrey hugging up his FoBB (Foreign Based Babes !). Jeff has really become a true player within recent times, controlling women all around the world !



That's All Folks.. Special thanks to Berks for his patience with me as I took all those pictures, and thanks to all those who stopped by to get their picture taken. Here's hoping that next year we will actually be playing the band as well ! Well, So long folks, see you all next year !



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In addition, If you see yourself on this website and don't like the comments written about you TOO BAD ! Who de ass tell yuh to stop and let me take yuh picture ! Hahahahahahahaha ........Suckers !!!!!



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