Carnival Tuesday 2001

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Carnival Tuesday Morning. Came into town around 11:00am looking for action. I decided to head to the Savannah as I heard on the radio that all the major bands were jammed up there. On my way up there I saw many bands coming off stage including this live band.(can't remember which band this was)

On Arrival in the Savannah the first thing I noticed was this big screen hanging from a crane. I thought that I was cool that masqueraders would be able to see themselves on the big screen as they paraded before the camera.



My Friend Michelle. I like to catch people off guard as I did with her in the picture.


Legends Posse


The Big Band Horyzon

Tall Children ! Saw some stilt walkers on the Barbagreen.


Sexy Red Twins



Humm, ah like this red section!


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