When De Alcohol Sets In ....... 

Some people may regret their actions on that night when they see themselves here, but hey , I not responsible for anything unusual shown here, I just take out de photos, nothing more nothing less.  :)



Case In Point. Look at this face, a face only a mother can love. Reason why alcohol is not sold to minors !

Dancer Boy Mark.  Normally a pretty good dancer, but as the "sauce" sets in we see a confused dance partner wondering "... what the hell is he doing !" 




Need I say anything here ? The funny thing is I told these guys that I was taking out the picture, but they were just too drunk to care ! Kids, take this as a lesson, know your limit ! :)



Group Photos . Yuh see when men want to hug up each other and take group photos, yuh know dey drunk ! :) Like I said before, I'm only de photographer ! heheheheheh !

Well that's it folks, hope you enjoyed seeing the pics from Berks and Patrice's Birthday Bashment. Look out for more nonsense as Christmas approaches ! Laters !



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