BBQ Birthday Bashment !

Recently, we held yet another successful BBQ by Berks. For those of you who don't know who Berks is, well , lets just say he's one of the "three amigos"  the other two being Taz and yours truly Cmad. The BBQ was to celebrate both Berks and Putch's (Patrice) birthdays. As usual a good time was had by all, there was plenty food and drinks to go around, not to mention the music . Forgoing my usual duties as Chief Cook and BBQer , I opted to take out some photos this year so as to capture the festive occasion.


Flambeau ! This year Berks pulled out all the stocks flying in specially designed flambeau sticks all the way from St. Marteen. Oh year, the big oaf in the picture is Marlon (heheh !)


The man himself ! Just call him "DJ Berks" . Here Berks is trying his best to put down a mix on a double CD player with mixer. I eventually had to step in and show him how it is done ! I must admit though, the music setup was very impressive. Berks managed to hook this setup directly to his car (which is a masterpiece in audio engineering by itself). Check it out below .



De sound system ! Yep , dat's right , this Mad Scientist we call Berks managed to hook up the entire sound system for the party directly to his car via two really long RCA cables !Needless to say the system was slamming and everyone in the party marveled at his insanity. :) 


BBQ . What would a BBQ be without de Beef ! here we see Chai , my replacement at the grill, showing her monkey face for the camera !




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